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Z10130A FET Follower Amplifier




The Z10130A is a complementary symmetry junction FET amplifier following Dr. Dallas Lankford's design. �Complementary J310 � J271 FET Follower, 8/21/2011, rev 2/5/2012.�

In order to standardize with other Clifton Laboratories products, a few component types have been changed and additional lightning protection was added.

A copy of the assembly manual is available by clicking here or at my Documents page. The related enclosure manual is available by clicking here or at my Documents page.


Top PCB Surface


Installed in Optional Enclosure






The Z10130A printed circuit board is 3.00 inches x 2.00 inches (76.2mm x 50.8mm). Recommend minimum enclosure height is 1.0 inches (25.4 mm). Recommended enclosure Hammond 1590WCFL.

DC Supply

The Z10130A has an on-board 12V low dropout regulator. The DC supply should be in the range of 12.6V to 28V DC at approximately 20 mA.


Upon request the Z10130A can be supplied with an on-board 10V low dropout regulator that extends the low voltage limit to approximately 10.8V. There will be some degradation in intermodulation performance with this option.


Approximately -4 dB into 100 ohm  termination at 1 MHz

Frequency Range

-3 dB points with respect to gain at 1 MHz are 50 KHz  to > 300 MHz


Measured with 611 and 703 KHz test tones at 0 dBm per tone, typical input intercepts are: IIP2 +87 to +93 dBm; IIP3 +40 dBm to +45 dBm.

Input Impedance

See Z10130A Equivalent Input Circuit below


Price and Ordering

To order, send the appropriate amount via PayPal to or via check or money order payable to Clifton Laboratories at the address at the top of this page.

Orders shipped to an address within the Commonwealth of Virginia should include 5% sales tax.

Item Price (US$)
Z10130A Kit, consists of printed circuit board and all components.
Z10130A assembled with bias adjusted for optimum 2nd order intermodulation with 50 ohm input impedance termination $55.00
Enclosure kit, drilled Hammond die cast box and all connectors and hardware (including connectors to mate with those on the enclosure) Purchaser is responsible for assembling the enclosure and installing the amplifier. $67.50
Assembled Z10130A installed in an enclosure with mating connectors $150.00
Shipping kit or assembled PCB, priority mail to US domestic locations $7.50
Shipping enclosure, either kit or assembled, priroity mail to US domestic locations (no extra charge for shipping kit or assembled PCB purchased at the same time.)

This applies for one enclosure. Contact Clifton Laboratories for multiple item shipping prices.

Outside the United States Contact Clifton Laboratories for a quotation
Note on Pricing:

Compared with other Clifton Laboratories products, the enclosure is expensive. This is a consequence of using high quality parts (weather sealed die cast enclosure, gold plated banana jacks, gasket head sealing screws, all stainless steel hardware, etc.), the number of connectors required, and that both the connectors that install on the enclosure are provided as well as the mating connectors so the purchaser will not have to buy additional connectors to match the enclosure.

I've provided enough information in the enclosure assembly manual to permit duplication at home from surplus or one-off parts, etc. So don't feel you have to purchase the enclosure and associated hardware from Clifton Laboratories.