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Z10046A High Gain Amplifier 
The complete Z10046A assembly and operation manual may be downloaded by clicking here or through my Documents page. Details on the optional enclosure may be downloaded by clicking here.

The Z10046A is a high gain (typically +23.5 dB) high performance (OIP > +42 dBm typically) broadband (50 KHz - 50 MHz) amplifier. Although designed as a receiver preamplifier, it may be used as a general laboratory amplifier as well. It is available as a kit or as an assembled amplifier printed circuit board. A custom enclosure will soon (expected in early September 2010) be available for the Z10046A.





The Z10046A printed circuit board is 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches (88.9mm x 63.5mm). Recommend minimum enclosure height is 1.5 inches (38.1 mm).

DC Supply

The Z10046A requires 10.0V at a current (depending upon user selected bias resistor options) from 320 mA to 400 mA. A suitable 10.0V regulator is supplied with the Z10046A and can be used with supply voltages of 12.5V to 20V. Proper heat sinking of the 10V regulator is required.


23.5 dB nominal at 1 MHz

Frequency Range

-3 dB points are 50 KHz � 50 MHz

Intermodulation [1]

Both second and third order output intercepts depend upon selected bias resistor options. OIP2 is typically +87 to +93 dBm; OIP3 is typically +42 dBm to +45 dBm. OIP2 also depends upon the care taken by the builder during assembly.

1 dB Compression Point

+24.7 dBm output at 1 MHz.

The Z10046A uses four Mini-Circuits GaLi-74+ microwave amplifiers in parallel/push-pull. This configuration significantly increases both 2nd and 3rd order intermodulation intercept and 1 dB compression point over the performance of a single GaLi-74+ device.


Frequency Response

Price and Options
Item Price Comment
Z10046A kit $47.50 Kit includes the printed circuit board and all parts necessary to assemble the board. Enclosure is not provided.
Z10046A assembled and tested $72.50 Bare printed circuit board, assembled and tested. Performance documentation is not included. Bias is adjusted for equal device current. No enclosure is provided.
Performance documentation
$25.00 IP2 and IP3 performance data and frequency  response data are provided to the purchaser. This service is available for either customer-built kits or as an option for assembled and tested units. Customer is also responsible for return shipping charges.
Indoor enclosure kit $27.50 Custom, powder coated enclosure for the Z10046A with BNC connectors. Kit price includes the enclosure, with all holes punched, BNC connectors, power connector, associated hardware and a DC power cord.
Indoor enclosure assembled $32.50 Enclosure and Installation of Z10046A in indoor enclosure. Does not include assembly of Z10046A amplifier.
Shipping and packing $7.50 For US domestic customers. Shipping is via Priority Mail. International customers please contact Clifton Laboratories for a specific quotation.
Virginia Sales Tax 5% If the Z10040A is shipped to a location within the Commonwealth of Virginia, 5% sales  tax applies.


How to Order

Payment may be made with a check or money order payable to Clifton Laboratories at the address on the top of this page, or via PayPal to

Please do not forget to include shipping and, for delivery within the Commonwealth of Virginia, sales tax.

Orders are normally acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt. Please contact me if you fail to receive an acknowledgement.

Z10046A in the custom enclosure, with  the top cover removed.

With cover attached. (The photo shows a Z10042A amplifier; the enclosures are identical with the difference being the identifying information on the label.)