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November 2010 Archive


23 November 2010

I have a new kit�an AM broadcast band high pass filter, the Z10022A. I've added a page for the Z10022A, viewable by clicking here.

The Z10022A is a receive-only 9th order 1 dB Chebyshev high pass filter with a nominal cutoff frequency of 1800 KHz., is intended to be used to prevent a shortwave receiver from overloading due to strong signals from AM broadcast band (Medium Wave) in the 530-1700 KHz range.

Frequencies below 1800 KHz are suppressed by the Z10022A.

The Z10022A is a less expensive solution for AM band overload than the Z10020 band reject filter. The difference between these two filters is that the Z10022A does not permit reception below 1800 KHz, while the Z10020A allows reception below 500 KHz and above 1800 KHz.


20 November 2010

November has been a busy month, with meeting orders for Clifton Laboratories products and developing new kits. At the moment, I'm waiting on prototype printed circuit boards for three new kits, and enclosures for a fourth kit. More information on these new products when they are closer to being ready for sale.

I've also added a new page to the site, relating how an HP4342A Q-meter (or other similar Q-meter such as the Boonton 260A) might be used to measure the Q of an inductor beyond the normal scale limit, 1000 in the case of the HP 4342A. The page may be read by clicking here.


02 November 2010

I've completed a first pass at laying out printed circuit boards for the next major kit�the Z1300A antenna distribution amplifier.

I'll have more details when the project is closer to completion. I have a set of printed circuit boards on order, but there's a lot of work remaining, mostly relating to the mechanical side of things such as the enclosure.

The design is highly modular and configurable to meet specific purchaser desires. In the minimum configuration, it's one input, 4 isolated outputs. In the maximum mode, it's 4 switchable inputs, 8 outputs and a couple other bells and whistles to be revealed later.


02 November 2010

As usual, the prior month has been moved to an archive page, readable by clicking here or via the navigation table at the top of the page.