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June 2010 Archives


23 June 2010

Yesterday's transformer intermodulation measurements showed anomalous results for one transformer, my ID FT75-01, which I suspected was due to abraded enamel insulation on the magnet wire, allowing the winding to contact the core. I wound a second transformer on a similar core, but this time with insulated wire and found no trace of the anomalous results. I've modified the web page to reflect this follow up data.

I received a new (to me) computer today and have spent all day setting it up. It's a Windows 7 machine and the most difficult part of the setup was getting Windows 7 and XP computers to play together in my home network. That's now finished, but I still have a great deal of software to move to the new computer.


22 June 2010

I've added a new web page with intermodulation measurements of typical 1:1 broadband RF transformers. To view the page click here.

I also added an explanation to my coil coating page of why my home made Q-dope has a precipitate at the bottom of the bottle.


15 June 2010

I've been grossly remiss in not updating this page, but unexpected orders have kept me busy.

I also will be replacing the computer I use for web development later this month, and expect to spend significant time moving applications from the current Windows XP computer to the new one under Windows 7.  I also expect to at least try a new web publishing program as I know FrontPage has a limited support life at my web hosting provider.

I also fixed a couple of errors at as I had failed to correctly caption the resistance readings as milliOhms/ft in the table. I also added a note concerning coaxial cable braid coverage percentage.

I have several new kits under development and hope to have more to say about them soon.


01 June 2010

I've added a new kit to the available products, the Z10080A Bypass  Relay. Details are at Z10080A Bypass Relay

I have several new kits in progress and hope to have the next new kit available next week.

Updates and other additions to this web site have been slow as I've instead worked on new kits and meeting orders. I hope to have more time to discuss a few of my recent efforts over the coming weeks and months.


01 June 2010

As usual, last month's Updates are now in the archive. You may view the May 2010 updates by clicking here or by the links in the  table at the top of this page.