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Sticky Updates (Revised 05 September 2010)

Z10000- Buffer Amp is now the Z10000B, to reflect the newest printed circuit board revision.

The Z10000B buffer amplifier is now shipping. For more information, click here.

New Kit-the Z10040B broadband Norton amplifier is now available. For details, click here.

New Kit-The Z1501D Active Antenna (kit or assembled) is now available. For details, click here.

New Kit-The Z10042A Surface Mount Norton Amplifier. For details, click here.

New Kit-The Z10046A High Gain Amplifier. For details, click here.

24 June 2012

I've added a new page to the site with a review of two useful electronic construction tools.

I've also added a PDF document with some photographs taken when I was studying electrical engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit. The photos are mostly of my classmates and a professor or two. They are in the 1967-68 time frame, as I received my BSEE in 1968. You will see some lab equipment in the background as well.


15 March 2012

I've added three new products to the Current Products page:

  1. Z10130A FET buffer amplifier for those building Dallas Lankford's loop type antennas.
  2. Z10023A Elliptic high pass filter
  3. Z10024A Low pass filter.

I've also removed the Z1203A from the current products page as it is no longer available. (Replaced with the Z1203B.)

The current products page is reorganized slightly to group products together by type.

In the next couple days, I hope to revise the Z1501 page to reflect the Z1501F. I have been shipping the "F" antenna for several months now but have not updated the web page to reflect that fact.


20 Jan 2012

I've been extremely busy since last fall and have not found time to update this site. I'll try to post more frequently but things remain busy here at Clifton Laboratories.

For the last year and a half, I've worked with Pixel Technologies in developing and supplying the low noise high performance amplifier used in its Pro-1B active loop antenna.

Until recently, my agreement kept my role with Pixel as a confidential matter, but recent Pixel promotional material discloses that a Clifton Laboratories amplifier is inside the Pro-1B. The amplifier, however, remains a special product only sold to Pixel and if you are interested in an amplifier module, I suggest you contact Pixel for price and availability.

Last fall, I completed an extensive data collection, with more than 500,000 individual signal strength measurements, comparing the performance of the Pro-1B with its most widely available competitor, Wellbrook's ALA 1530L antenna. I've completed analysis of the data and written a comparative review of these two loops. The review extends well beyond the signal-to-noise comparison of the two antennas, however, and provides my view of many other aspects of the two antennas.

I recognize that as the developer of the loop amplifier, I'm not a disinterested reviewer. I've done my best, however, to make honest measurements and to provide extensive details on my methodology. I've tried to distinguish places where an opinion is called for and those where the collected data is analyzed and indentify the former as "my opinion" or "my view" and to supply reasons supporting my conculsions.

You may read the review - it's a 17 page PDF document - at Documents\Loop vs Loop Final-Final.pdf or you may find the link on my Documents page.

As the review indicates, a later analysis will compare the two loops with a Z1501F active antenna and my wire inverted vee. A stratospheric view of those results are that each antenna has its strengths and weaknesses and there is no single antenna that is always best for all frequencies. I'll leave the details, however, for that future review.