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Welcome to Clifton Laboratories, the page of Jack Smith, K8ZOA, author of Programming the PIC Microcontroller with MBasic. This site documents my past and present projects in the worlds of PIC microcontrollers and amateur radio.

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The updates page is my daily (more or less) journal of what I'm up to. It's the best starting point to learn what's new at Clifton Laboratories.

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Visit Larry, N8LP's page to see his PIC Microntroller ham radio projects I've known Larry since we were both college age ham operators in suburban Detroit in the 1960's. You'll like his projects. Here�s his latest project, the LP100 wattmeter, a state-of-the-art HF wattmeter kit, with real-time R+jX impedance display as well as power and SWR.

LP100 vector wattmeter by N8LP at


The 18F4620 PIC Microcontroller in the Z90 and Z91 SpectraScreen is programmed with Mecanique's Swordfish compiler.

Mechanique has made available a free version of its Swordfish compiler, Swordfish SE, available for download at its site. Click on the icon to the left to go to the main Swordfish site.

I am a co-founder of the telecommunications consultancy, TeleworX, although I am no longer involved in its day-to-day activities. If your business or professional interests include cellular radio, PCS or similar services, perhaps TeleworX may be of assistance to you.